Tea Tastings at 411 Lewis Ave in Brooklyn

Japanese and Chinese Green Teas

On October 24th, experience the beauty and depth of green tea while trying four different types.

The Experience

Each tasting will explore tasting notes, origins and benefits.

The Tea Journey

Ali, a certified tea sommelier, and Jamila will guide you through a curated box of delicious loose leaf green tea, and make sure each sip is followed up with rich background on the history and science behind the tea. Get ready to discuss the origin, smell, taste, and steeping methods.

As a tasting guest, you will receive 50% off the 1oz pouches from that event's selection.

Our Tea Tasting Options

By varietal

Compare teas that are the same varietal but different regions.

By Special Request

Want to try something a little different? We can make it happen.

By Region

Explore different varietals from the same region or country.

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