Tea Stories: Once Upon A Tea

Tea Stories: Once Upon A Tea

Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived in the land of artificial sodas and not-so-fruit fruit juices. As she grew older, the soft drinks began to taste much too sweet and burn a tad too much. So, the princess left her home and ventured off into a new land.

On her travels, she found a known land where the real fruit juices flowed freely. Elated, she found herself swimming in rivers of orange juice, frolicking in streams of lemonade and dancing under a waterfall of sweet tea. She liked this land and could have stayed here forever, but destiny was not done with her.

Along came a prince from a distant land called Tea. The princess gave him a warm smile because she knew of Tea, but the prince had assured her that she had not known the tea of which he spoke of so passionately. Intrigued, the girl followed the Prince back to his homeland.

When she arrived, natural aromas were bursting all around her. She brushed passed unfamiliar yet beautiful leaves and flowers. The Prince sat her down in the lemongrass while plucking  the leaves and flowers growing throughout his tea garden. He taught her about Matcha and Darjeeling and Chai and Oolong.  He recited epic tales of hilltop monks training monkeys to hand pick teas and of nations going to war for their lust of tea. With his hand gesturing and voice ranging through different characters, he knew he had the princess intrigued, but he didn't stop there. He took her hand and pulled her to a tree garden. There he gathered tea leaves, almonds, and dried fruits in sealed jars laying under the fruit trees. He took the mix and taught her about tea blends. After a deep inhale, the princess was enthralled with the art of tea and experimented with peppermint sticks in green tea, cinnamon sticks in ginger tea, and sugarcane in dried fruit blends. She loved all the teas and got lost in all the gadgets used to steep a perfect cup.

The next day, the princess would visit her first home of sodas and not-so-fruit fruit juices one more time, but the tastes she loved once upon a time now left her with bitter disappointment.  Her new and true home would be in the land of agave, cane and honey. The distant land called Tea... and she lived happily ever after. 

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