Join us in Stuyvesant Heights

Located at 411 Lewis Ave  

Open 8AM-6PM every with takeout only on Tuesday.

All day light brunch served 9-5PM

Over 50 teas espresso, Small Bites, ample indoor seating, modern décor, and free Wi-Fi.

High Quality Loose Leaf Tea

From Masala Chai lattes to Cumcumber Melon iced tea to to Cold Killer Detox tea. Have a cup to go, a pot to stay or take home a pouch or tin.

An Intimate Experience

Whether you are a seasoned tea drinker or just starting out on your tea journey, Brooklyn Tea has something for you.



Our Menu


Tea Tastings

Each tasting will explore tasting notes, origins and benefits.


Ali, a certified tea sommelier, and Jamila will guide you through a curated box of delicious loose leaf tea, and make sure each sip is followed up with rich background on the history and science behind the tea. Get ready to discuss the origin, smell, taste, and steeping methods.