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Learn About Tea and Tea Culture

A Brief History of Tea

Birth of Tea

Chinese legends credits Shennong, whose name means the Divine Farmer, with the discovery of tea. According to legend, one fall afternoon, Shennong decided to take a rest under a Camellia tree and boiled some water to drink. Dried leaves from the tree above floated down into the pot of boiling water, creating the first ever infusion of the tea leaf. Intrigued by the delightful fragrance, Shennong took a sip and found it refreshing.

In the fourth and fifth centuries, rice, salt, spices, ginger and orange peel, among other ingredients, were...

Where Does Your Tea Come From?

Already considered the most popular beverage on Earth, the worldwide consumption rate of tea has expanded by 3% over the past year and continues to rise. More than four billion cups of tea are brewed and consumed across ethnicities, ages, social classes and nationalities. So, who is responsible for supplying this beloved magical elixir? 

Chinese Tea

China Tea

China is unquestionably the biggest producer of tea on the planet, producing approximately 1,700,000...