Why Donate?

Our Concept

Like Starbucks™ but slower-paced and more fun

  • Partner with book stores, arts and crafts stores, etc. to provide a robust experience
  • Offer areas in the store as social gathering places for the local community
  • Provide general tea/herb education for free
  • Become Tea Master/Herbalist Certification hub for existing certification associations

By blending the laid back atmosphere of American coffee shops, the selection and expertise found in Chinese and Japanese tearooms, and the community appeal of Middle Eastern, African or European cafés, Brooklyn Tea will be the go to place for people looking to escape, relax, converse and drink to their health. 

Over the past 10 years, consumer interest in locally owned cafes, neighborhood pubs, and plant-based healthier lifestyles has simultaneously surged. Throughout each day, millions of New Yorkers pop into coffee shops and/or juice bars –and just as many visit a bar or pub after a stressful or successful day. Brooklyn Tea will combine the attractive attributes of these three rising industries to provide customers with a healthy and alluring cross-functional atmosphere. 

Community members can sit at the bar, have the hot or cold tea of their liking and socialize about their day’s events. If they prefer solace, they can sit in a comfortable lounge chair, pop on their headphones and read, write, or surf the internet via our free WiFi.  Customers on the go can walk up to the register at the bar and order the tea of their choice or use the Brooklyn Tea web app to schedule exactly when they want their tea to be perfectly steeped and ready for pickup.

Focus on Community

Brooklyn Tea plans to be the cornerstone of the community. BT will have a community library stocked with donated books from the owner's personal collection as well as an updated section of study guides for continuing education in academia and the trades.

BT will offer special rental packages for community groups, as well as, discounts for city employees and senior citizens. A portion of profits will go to early education programs and BT will provide compost and volunteer hours for community gardens.