Burdock Root

Burdock root has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Research from 2010 has shown that burdock root contains multiple types of powerful antioxidants, including quercetin, luteolin, and phenolic acids. Another study performed that year found that burdock root effectively detoxified blood and promoted increased circulation. A 2015 study found that burdock root could treat biofilm-related urinary tract infections. Research published in 2017 found that burdock might also kill other types of bacteria.
  • Antioxidant | Detox | Mild Diuretic
  • Steep at 212 oF for 5+ Minutes 

*Our teas are sold by weight and not volume. We offer our one-size tea tin as complimentary with the purchase of 4 or more ounces. For example, dense teas like Ginger Turmeric don’t take up a lot of space in our tin. Conversely, the same weight of  fluffy teas like Chamomile Mint or The Healer would totally fill the tin.

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