Coconut Oolong

What makes our Better Body Oolong different from other oolongs and weightloss teas? Our high grown organic oolong with delightful fruity notes and exceedingly high levels of antioxidants is blended with a special organic green tea with higher than average antioxidants. This is tea is meticulously blended for flavor as well as optimal antioxidant retention.  But wait... there's more. You can enjoy this tea over and over again with up to 4 steeps per serving. 

  • Steep at 185oF for 4 minutes
  • Resteep at 185oF for 3 minutes
  • 1 tsp of tea per 8 oz of spring water
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan 
  • Caffeine level: Medium
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Increase Metabolism and clarity

Are There Any Benefits to Drinking Oolong Tea

Over the years it has been proven that this form of tea does have a number of benefits when it is consumed. It is filled with antioxidants and does contain a number of minerals like potassium, carotin, selenium, calcium, copper and manganese. Vitamins K, E, C, B and A can also be found in the tea. It also contains caffeine which is a stimulant.

As a result of this the benefits range from aiding with digestion to aiding in the control of blood sugar and regulating cardiovascular health. It also has some antibacterial properties and help to is said to slow down the process of aging and lower cholesterol.

Other Benefits of Oolong Tea

Studies have shown that oolong tea has certain polyphenolic properties that can help to prevent certain types of cancer. The compounds in the tea inhibit the growth of cancer causing cells in the stomach and other areas.

Another benefit that oolong tea drinkers get is the ability to maintain a healthy weight. It has been said to be a great metabolic booster and as such it does help with weight loss issues. More studies need to be done but those who drink it do claim to lose a significant amount of weight.

Though oolong tea contains caffeine, it does seem to help with stress management, the amino acid L-theanine being the stress blocker. This type of tea also helps to improve mental performance and increases the level of alertness.

Oolong tea comes with a myriad of benefits. The Chinese have been drinking it for decades and many can attest to the positive benefits that they receive from drinking this tea.