Wholesale Sachets

We have now launched 4 of our top flavors in eco-friendly tea sachets exclusively for wholesale and B2B clients.


Brooklyn Tea are die-hard loose leaf people but we understand that in a fast pace industry it’s nice to have options. We're offering 4 of our top flavors for your office, hotel, restaurant, bar or show room


Tea varieties included:

  • Cream Earl Grey (black tea) 
    • Hints of vanilla, bergamot and cornflower petals give this organic high grown Organic Sri Lankan black tea its cream taste
    • Grade: OP
  • Ginger Turmeric (herbal, caffeine free)
  • Kyoto Cherry Rose (green tea)
    • Irresistible cherry and alluring rose flavors blended with the finest Japanese sencha leaves
  • Relax Relate Release (Chamomile Lemongrass, caffeine free)
    • Light, sweet, smooth and refreshing herbal blend with hints of honey, mint and citronella


These are packaged for wholesale clients.

Each unit includes 4 boxes of each of the 4 varieties (total 16 boxes).

Each box contains 12 sachets.

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