What is Silver Needle Tea?

What is Silver Needle Tea?

An Overview of Silver Needle Tea

Silver Needle Tea or Bai Hao Yinzhen is a white tea that is native to China's Fujian Province. Only the leaf shoots (top buds) are used to prepare the tea. These buds are reaped from March to early April only to preserve the flavor of the tea and prevent exposure to rain. Due to this restriction, Silver Needle Tea is extremely expensive. The tea has a subtle, light nutty taste. When brewed, it becomes a pleasant apricot color.

Brewing Silver Needle Tea

For the best tea, the buds are to be brewed for approximately three to five minutes at a temperature of one hundred and eighty degrees Fahrenheit.

Health Benefits Silver Needle Tea

Silver Needle Tea has a high concentration of theanine (an amino acid), catechins and flavonoids; and can aid in regulating metabolism, improving the immune system and inhibiting the growth of some cancerous cells. It is also purported to help slow down the effects of aging and improve skin elasticity. White teas are a great alternative to coffee since they do not contain as much caffeine as coffee, but have the same effect of increasing alertness. Last but by no means least, having a cup of Silver Needle Tea can help to cleanse the mouth of bacteria that causes the buildup of plaque, bad breath and tooth decay. Simply perfect.
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